Illinois Computing Educators Conference 2013

The ICE conference is a highly respected state conference and after missing it last year, I was excited to be able to spend two days taking it all in. There are so many exciting things to learn...

Here are presenters notes (when available) and my notes from the sessions I attended:

• Wednesday Half-Day Workshop: Rollin' With My Chromies
Three teachers shared their experiences after having a year with 1:1 Chromebooks in the classrooms.

Directions on how to join their Edmodo group (if you have not yet created an account)
Create an Edmodo account:1. Go to www.edmodo.com2. Sign in to Edmodo with your "username or email" and a "password"3. Choose "I'm a Teacher"4. When your Edmodo page opens look to the left and click on "Join"5. Type in the following code "krgcmw"6. The page is called the Chrome Ice Conference
Click here for my notes from the workshop.

• Show Me What You Know with Web and Mobile Apps
One of edtech's superstars, Tony Vincent, keeps us up-to-date with what's hot in web and mobile apps.

Click here to go to Tony's handout (infographic).

Click here to view and/or download Tony's handout (infographic) as a PDF.

Click here for my notes from the Tony's presentation.

• Wednesday Afternoon Keynote Presentation: The Unforeseen Bonus of Digital - The Book Becomes the New Backpack

Hall Davidson (Discovery Education) is the poster child for life-long learning. In this session he helps us understand the amazing and unintended consequences for learning when schools "go digital."

Click here to go to Hall Davidson's presentation slides. Next click on "Luncheon Keynote" under ICE 2013.

Click here for my notes from Hall Davidson's keynote presentation.

• Thursday Morning Keynote Presentation: Mapping Media to the Curriculum/Common Core

Wesley Fryer states the case that "to be digitally literate, teachers as well as students need to be able to create and share online (with) a variety of different multimedia products."

Click here to view Fryer's Session Resources.

Click here to view Fryer's Mapping Media Framework.

• Integrating the iPad's Camera into your Classroom
Todd Strother is the Computer Lab teacher at Burley School where he is doing fabulous things with students and photography.

Click here to view Todd's handout.

Leadership Luncheon Keynote with Dr. Scott McLeod - Consumption vs. Production: Student Agency, Voice, and Empowerment
Dr. McLeod may be best known for his "Did You Know (Shift Happens)" video(s) which have millions of views on YouTube since it's debut in 2007. But his clear and passionate plea for our schools to shift (he does have a school aged child) creates a roadmap for teachers, parents and administrators who feel we can do better. This was the highlight of the conference for me. The video of Dr. McLeod's session will be posted soon.

Click here to view Dr. McLeods materials for the ICE conference. Scroll down to the B section to view the Leadership Luncheon materials.

• Are Your Students Media Literate?

Nicole Zumpano shares her authentic and self-authored four-week course on media literacy.

Click here to view Nicole's presentation.

Click here for my notes on Nicole Zumpano's presentation.

• Jennie Magiera - Integration is not Enough: Redefining the Innovative Classroom

I was only able to catch the last ten minutes of this presentation. Jennie's presentation notes have not yet been posted.

Click here for my brief notes on Jennie's presentation.

• Digital Citizenship in Action: Tips and Best Practices

Sue Thotz ( and Lisa Thumann (Google Certified Teacher) give an overview of CommonSenseMedia's digital citizenship curriculum.

Click here for my notes on the CommonSenseMedia presentation.

There were many fabulous workshops that I was not able to attend, but we still have access to many of the presentations.

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