Grade Two


1. Check out this website for multiplication tables reinforcement:


2. Take a look at the K-7 Mathcasts 500 Project and see if any of these are helpful...

3. GenkiMaths.com is a fun site with lots of (non-tech) Math games that promote cooperative play, teamwork and FUN.

I looked at Time Bomb (Counting), Balloon Game (Sums) and Banana Tree Game (Counting Systems) - the explanations are easy to understand especially for a 'learn by written instructions' and math challenged person.


Every time I find a website, blog or article that I think is noteworthy, I save it into my delicious bookmarks at http://delicious.com/fredkoch. Each time you save a source in Delicious, you can attach "tags" or labels (math, primary, video, fun, free, googlemaps, etc...) that help keep all those bookmarks organized. And most Delicious accounts are public, so I encourage you to check it out.

As an example, if you are looking for some age appropriate math sites, try looking through my delicious bookmarks.
How do you do it?
1. Go to http://delicious.com/fredkoch
2. In the Search box (top right side of page) type MATH in the left box (Search these bookmarks)
3. In the pull-down menu to the right (the little triangle), choose SEARCH THESE BOOKMARKS
4. Click SEARCH (middle button)


All the sites that I have tagged "math" will appear.

Want your own Delicious Bookmarks?

You can certainly set up your own account. Just follow the instructions on the Delicious home page - and I hope you do.

But I would also encourage you to help us populate the Sheridan School Delicious Site by adding sites (and most importantly) tagging them with easy labels. These "tags" can be used as a guide for your students and fellow teachers.

Want to learn how to add bookmarks to the Sheridan School Delicious Site? See Fred and he will show you...

Want to log in to the site and look around for yourself? Here's how:
1. Go to the Delicous home page, http://delicious.com
2. Look for the sign in box on...


Username: sheridanschool
Password:** sharks1


Sheridan School Research Sites - Please bookmark this page and try it out with your students. I think you will find it to be a helpful resource when you want students to research topics but you do not want them to have access to the complete Internet.
The official web address for Sheridan School Research Sites is: http://tinyurl.com/57w9p8


A few weeks ago I ran across a fabulous new web creation tool that you may like, too. It looks much like an iWeb site but the advantage of a Weebly site is that you do not need to first publish it and then upload it to the school server. Your site is housed on the Weebly.com site. What does that mean? It makes it much easier to make (and see) the updates you have made to your site.

So, if you are interested in creating your own web presence this year, I suggest you take a look at Weebly. Go to http://www.weebly.com and try out some templates - don't worry, you won't break anything. And stop by my Weebly test site (http://www.jeffersontest.weebly.com) to take a look at a mock site I put up so I could experiment with the different pages and elements Weebly has to offer.

Most importantly, let's get together and make a plan for your new website. There are quite a few choices out there and it has never been easier to construct your own personalized web site!