This wiki page was created for a graduate class in January 2008

Fred Koch

Individual Multimedia Project

"A Showcase of Poetry Inspired by Poet Bill Buczinsky"

I. The Problem

How could we extend and enhance the student’s experience of an artist-in-residency visit by poet Bill Buczinsky?

II. The Solution

Create a website to showcase highlights of student poetry inspired by his visit.

III. The Bill Buczinsky Showcase Website:

The website features 12 poems written by fourth grade students during Bill’s visit to our schools in October 2007. For each poem there is an audio recording, a visual representation and the poem’s text. I also videotaped an interview with Bill with three student interviewers posing questions submitted by our K-4 students. In addition, I included a short video clip of a performance piece from one of the all school assemblies. There is also a photo page.

IV. Tips and Tricks

(1) I recorded all of the student poems with a M-AUDIO MicroTrack digital recorder. As I was recording and during playback all the levels looked and sounded great but when I imported the files into GarageBand they all lacked they level of volume I needed. So, I simply copied and pasted the narration track into new tracks until I had enough gain.

Here’s an example:


(2) Most visuals only required a little Photoshop work – some needed to be cropped and some only needed color enhancement but one image in particular was a challenge. It was the only image submitted that had the poem pasted on the visual. I first thought that I would have to use the ‘clone’ tool to recreate the trunk of the tree, but magically, the ‘eraser’ tool literally erased the pasted poem and exposed the tree truck as if I simply just peeled away that layer.

(3) The short video of Bill performing his “Jump” poem was captured on my digital still camera, not a video camcorder. I knew my camera had this function but it really wasn’t until I had to dig deeper into its functions in the Getting To Know Your Digital Camera activity did I decide to take a chance and try it out. I’m glad I did because I captured one of the student’s favorite parts of his live performance. I also realized that the quality of the video is much better than I thought it would be. So I will not hesitate in the future to use this feature when the moment arises and a video camera is not available.

V. Neat Website

Sometimes when all I want to do is quickly reduce the size of an image, I use a free application (for Macs) called DroPic! You simply open the program, drag an image into the drop zone and choose the size you want to save it to…


Click on the image above or the link below to go to VersionTracker for Mac for more information on the download:

Extra Bonus Section

• Remember the "Old Tyme Radio" activity?

Here's the link to the original broadcast version of "A Prairie Home Companion" from Januaury 14, 2006:

• And I bet you will remember "The Battle of New Orleans" for years to come.

Here's the original version by Johnny Horton:

If you would like more information about Bill Buczinsky visit his website A Child's Voice.

Click on the logo to go to Bill's website