1. Apple One-To-One Card for Cherokee

We have purchased an Apple One-To-One Card for Cherokee School. The card enables you to sign up for a free training session with an Apple pro at any of the Apple stores. I know some of you already have your own One-To-One cards and I know that you have found them to be a very helpful resource. So we hope that lots of other teachers take advantage of this opportunity to sharpen your skills or learn something new.

Click the link below to view and download a step-by-step tutorial for the online registration process:
One-To-One Information.pdf

There is a folder in the IRC with the card and a calendar. Any questions, see Mrs. Fifhause, Mrs. Murrens or Mr. Koch.

2. New! Google Custom Search Engine

One of challenges of having students do open-ended research on the Internet is that they usually just go to Google and "Google it." As we know, there are some inherent problems with this process. First, a typical search will bring back thousands of links, many of which are unsuitable and/or inappropriate. Google's new Custom Search Engine is a great solution because the search results will only bring back pages from the websites you have entered into your custom search engine.

Here are two examples:
- Cherokee School Research Sites
- Mrs. Rielly's Websites for "A Long Way from Chicago"

It is easy to make a Google Custom Search Engine:
- go to http://www.google.com/coop/cse/, click Create a Custom Search Engine and follow the directions, or
- click here for a detailed, step-by-step Starter Guide for creating a Google Custom Search Engine

Once you have created your Custom Search Engine, I recommend that you copy the unique web address that Google gives you (which is quite long) and paste it into TinyUrl.com. This free service will then generate a short web address (hence the name Tiny Url) that is much easier to remember.

I would love to help you with this, so let's get together and create a Google Custom Search Engine for you!

3. Free Rice

Have you heard of the Free Rice website? If not, you might want to check it out and share it with your students!


4. Timez Attack

Timez Attack is another fun site for practicing multiplication facts. This "game" was created by BigBrainz, a company that specializes in making PlayStation games. Stop by Timez Attack for a quick introduction.



5. Online Bookmarks - They are still Delicious

I know we've brought this up before, but are you having trouble keeping track of your bookmarks? Some are on your school computer, some are on your home computer - using the online bookmark service Delicious is your answer. And it is FREE! Simply go to http://delicious.com to set up your account and start transferring your bookmarks to one central location. That way you will be able to access them from any computer, any time.

Please feel free to browse through my delicious account at http://delicious.com/fredkoch. I spent a lot of time this summer loading it up with great sites and fabulous resources.

6. Another Handy Google Search Function

If you simply type "define: teamwork" (for example - no quotes) into a Google search box, a variety of definitions will appear.