Cherokee Staff Meeting • December 14, 2010 [Rescheduled from November 30]



Click here to view and/or print Mr. Schumacher's document: "21st Century Learning Coffee and Conversation."

Click here to view and/or print Lee Kolbert's article "Defined or Denied? 21st Century Students in Today's Classrooms."

Here's the correct link to Scott McLeod's compilation of exemplary blogs (classroom, teacher and administrator) mentioned
in Lee Kolbert's article.

We will be using to collect our written thoughts about the 2 articles.

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Update: 12.14.10
Click on the link below to view and/or download the PrimaryPad "conversation" from the 12.14 staff meeting.
Good news / bad news: The "chat" section of our document is not attached to the exported pdf document. ;-)

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21st Century Skills Poll

Click here to take the 21st Century Skills Poll.

After you have taken the poll, click on the link below to download the file and see how the participants at the August Administrative Academy voted...

Update 12.15:
Click on the link below to view and/or download the results of the Cherokee Staff 21st Century Skills Poll.

Or maybe this is easier - Cherokee's Top 5:
1. Creative Thinking
2. Self-Direction
3. Teaming and Collaboration
4. Critical Thinking
5. Global Awareness

Two More Articles - for future discussions...

Excerpt from "Educators Need Learning Advocacy, Not Technology Advocacy" by Scott McLeod:

"Ed tech advocate: We should use Skype!
Learning advocate: We should connect our kids with other schools around the globe so they can
have diverse conversations and learn with instead of learn about other cultures.

Ed tech advocate: We should blog!
Learning advocate: We should connect our kids to readers around the world so they begin
to understand the connective nature of writing."

Click here to read McLeod's entire blog post which includes more Ed tech vs. Learning advocate scenarios.

WARNING NOTICE - McLeod's views (along with other contributors to the article)
might make some teachers feel a little uncomfortable. On the other hand, if you
enjoy challenging the status quo, you probably will appreciate the thoughts expressed...

If you are yearning for more after reading McLeod's piece,
check out "We Can't Let Educator's Off The Hook" which is
also linked at the bottom of McLeod's post.

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