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21st Century Learning Discussion: Obstacles to
Implementation of 21st Century Learning
2:00 pm
Time for Exploring Online Resources
for Teachers
Koch, Krumes
2:30 pm
Staff Sharing
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3:15 pm

Happy New Year!
We have set aside 45 minutes today for you to search for exciting, meaningful and valuable
resources for you and your students. Our last 15 minutes will be spent sharing what we have

Another meeting, another chance to use PrimaryPad
Please use our new PrimaryPad document to share your new resource.
Click here to go to today's PrimaryPad (password = champ)
UPDATE 1.4.11 - Click on the link below to read the transcript of our discussion with Mr. Schumacher.
The PrimaryPad document is still open, so if you would like to add some "resources" that you have found, please do so.

Google Is Not A Verb
We will not start our browsing today with Google because there are many ports of entry
that may serve you better. Here are a few suggestions:

Free Lesson Plans and Resources - use their Search engine to narrow your results
Click here to go to

A fabulous resource "by teachers, for teachers"
Click here to go to

Free Technology For Teachers

An award winning site by Google Certified Teacher, Richard Byrne
Click here to go to Free Technology For Teachers

Fred Koch's Delicious Bookmarks

This is my library of resources available anytime, from anywhere
Click here to go to Fred Koch's Delicious Bookmarks

Watch the Demo Video, search through the library of LiveBinders created by fellow teachers,
and think about creating a LiveBinder for yourself.
Click here to go to

Scott McLeod's List of K-12 Blogs

New to blogging? Want to see what other teachers are doing?
Check out these elementary classroom blogs, elementary teacher blogs and more...
Click here to go to Scott McLeod's List of K-12 Blogs

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